Best Nerf Gun Blasters You Should Buy in India

Nerf is filled of hundreds of blasters these blasters range from all different shapes sizes colors compatibility fairs brilliant nerve blasters and there is the terrible Nerf blasters,

Who doesn’t love Nerf guns? You can feel like a badass from the comfort of your own home. At one stage or another, you were engaged in an epic Nerf battle. And you haven’t forgotten the experience. Which is why you’re here. You want to get the very best Nerf gun out there. Well, we can help with that. Here are the best Nerf guns has to offer.

Best Nerf guns to buy in India

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Nerf Rampage N-Strike Elite

amazon-buttonDo you want a superior edge over your enemies ( anyone who will play Nerf guns with you?) Then you would do well to take a careful look at this Nerf gun. If you’re a fan of Tactical Rail, you’re the right choice for this gun. With its range of upto 90 feet (27 meters) and the rapid fire technology through a blaster that holds 25 darts with ease in its drum is surely the one toy gun for you.

Its top notch features and incredibly light weight, this is definitely a crowd pleaser. The outstanding accuracy you are bound to get with the help of one shot mode along with its easy assembly with definitely make life on the play battleground much easier – you’ll be king. The product has a close to perfect score on online reviewing platforms which makes it one of the better Nerf guns.

  • High accuracy
  • Rapid fire
  • Easy to load
  • Sometime get jams


Nerf FlipFury Zombie Strike

Nerf-Gun Now, this toy gun may not have a great blaster but it makes up for that with it’s quick trigger function and brilliant handicap. How else would you get a zombie, if not repeatedly shooting at them, even if it’s just you and your friends playing? With this toy gun, you can feel the satisfaction of a real gun, complete with recoil, a strong body, great trigger action and practice for the perfect aim.

This pump-action shooter is capable of rapid assault when switched to slam-fire mode, and with it’s payload of 6 darts at each drum. You get to experience the complete ferocity of firing 12 darts precisely where you want them to go, without the pressure of reloading mid game, much like you would against some good old Zombies. The convenience of this blaster, however, lies in its unique, ergonomic design made convenient and made for you.

Shooters of different ages and strengths will now find it easier to position the blaster to their preference, however they choose to handle it. Taking everything into consideration, this is, by far, one of the most advanced pump-action blasters to have hit the shelves. Its grace and accuracy shine, especially when the range of fire is short and you think you’ve been outnumbered. For intensely competitive field activity, this is your pick.

  • Smooth Trigger
  • Range 50 to 60 feet
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Barrels don’t rotate


Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10


This big, powerful toy gun shoots semi automatic rounds with the assurance of great accuracy. How did it get to that? It’s efficient targeting scope, of course! This little scope goes a long way, and gifts you with much needed precision for when you’ve set out to win.

Designed to command a wide viewership that give you all the advantage in a competitive scenario. Given the good quality of the scope, you’ll be able to take down a wide variety of targets in no time. This toy gun is constructed with a solid casing that helps cover and protect its mechanisms. The powerful shots taken by the gun are attributed to its powerful motor, housing a range of over 90 feet.

As long as the batteries are full, the battery powered shooting motor will run smoothly. Current and previous users consider this motor’s capacity and one of the enabling factors of the gun’s capabilities. Shocks and impact can also be controlled with the help of such a shield, along with safeguarding against possible recoil.

Its robustness and performance both contribute to its great reviews that boast of 3 combinations of rearranging your gun, as well as the flexibility that comes with it, making it a great hands on opportunity to run into friendly battle and own the zone.

  • Assembling and creating different combinations is fun
  • Gun is very fast and nice
  • Battery Required
  • Sometimes get jammed


Nerf Disruptor Elite Blaster


Nerf n-strike elite disruptor is a six shot blaster with in the end strike elite line which is basically a strong arm. The range of the blaster is 50 feet 60 feet. With the excellent range the disruptor head again as good a range as the strong armies to get.

The Buster has six darts into the cinder at front loader and you just turn right up then the prime exactly like a strong arm again pull about release and you’re ready to fire they just pull the trigger and you fired and the cylinder does otate after the trigger pull as well also let the strongarm the Buster does have stand fire so if you just hold down the trigger and continuously pump handle.

  • Bullet range is over 50 feet
  • Great build quality and good strike performance


    Nerf N Strike Elite Accustrike Series Falcon Fire

    amazon-buttonIf you are looking for accuracy we’ve got the Nerf n-strike elite a cue strike falcons fire blaster. The exterior seems like a standard pump-action blaster it features lower storage for two darts as well as a top load for action simply pull back on the top pump and load your dart the chamber holds one dart at a time.

    • Accuracy of this gun and it’s pretty impressive
    • Fast and has a lot of force
    • Loading twice sometimes causes glitches
    • If grip isn’t pushed back completely after loading it doesn’t shoot


    Nerf HyperFire Motorized Elite Blaster


    The Hyperfire Blaster Includes a 25-Dart Drum. Unleash Darts Fast With This Motorized Blaster it fires Darts Up To 90 Feet (27 Meters). The Blaster Comes With 25 Elite Darts. It can fires 25 bullets in just 5 seconds.

    • Shoots extremely fast with accuracy
    • Battery consumption is too high


    Nerf Mega Rotofury Blaster

    • Mega rotofury blaster fires mega whistler darts up to 90 feet
    • Rotating drum fires 10 darts at a time without reloading
    • Slam-fire action
    • Mega whistler darts scream through the air; Recommended Age: 8 Years; Color: Multi Color
    • Material: Plastic; Dimensions- LxWxH: 117 cm * 584 cm * 305 cm; Is Battery Required: No; Is Battery Included: No; Whether Assembly Required: No; Skills: Eye Hand Coordination
    • Included Items: Includes Blaster, 10 Mega Whistler Darts, and Instructions.; Number Of Pieces: 11

    • Powerful gun
    • Priming action is smooth
    • Darts are bigger and can hurt


    Nerf Rough Cut 2X4 Elite Blaster


    • Double-barreled rough cut 2×4 blaster fires 2 darts at once. Pump action to fire a steady stream of darts up to 75 feet
    • Tactical rail is compatible with most n-strike accessories – each sold separately. Darts work with any elite blaster and most original n-strike blasters – sold separately
    • Blaster comes with 8 elite darts and instructions; Recommended Age: 1 Years; Color: Multi Color
    • Material: Plastic; Dimensions- LxWxH: 76 cm * 470 cm * 229 cm; Is Battery Required: No; Is Battery Included: No; Whether Assembly Required: No; Skills: Eye Hand Coordination
    • Included Items: 1 Blaster, 8 Darts and Instructions; Number Of Pieces: 9

    • Shoot up to 75 feet
    • No Battery Required